Spring Break is a super small company still. We do not have employees and as such our shipping schedule can be a bit erratic. However, we will always make our best effort to get orders shipped as fast as possible. If you are concerned about an order please email us and we will respond promptly.

Returns Policy
Spring Break offers returns on soft goods within 10 business days or order shipment. If you send the item back to us in the same condition it was sent we will be happy to refund your order minus shipping costs.

Spring Break cannot offer a warranty on any of the handmade boards at this time. These boards are custom and made to order. They are functional pieces of artwork and are not to be treated as a regular factory produced snowboard. They are durable but as with any snowboard they have their limits.

Turn Around
Please allow about a week for each custom board order to made an shipped. Each of the shapes is made to order and whatever backorder we have is very limited. Soft Goods are also limited once an item is sold out it is gone.

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